The ocean begins here

A magical, fun, poetic and educational place, a happy place that forges the connection between mankind and the mystery of the seas, a rare opportunity to learn all about the passionate and still quite recent relationship between mankind and the sea.

The Cité de la Mer has revived the former transatlantic maritime station. Hundreds of thousands of emmigrants passed through this exceptional Art-Deco style building, in their search for a better world. The maritime station, vast halls and luggage room from another era were abandoned at the end of the last century, and were about to be torn down.

Dive into an adventure!

The Cité de la Mer is inside the former Transatlantic Maritime Station and is a tourist site of Normandy devoted to the adventure of mankind and the seas.


This brand-new visit is a declaration of love for the beauty and essential role played by the oceans. It is spread over 3 floors of spectacular multimedia areas, with 17 aquariums full of dazzling colours and life, including the deepest “Aquarium Abyssal” in Europe (10.70m). You’ll be exploring the planet’s last wild territory with huge projected images, discovering the mysteries of the infinitely small with oversized magnifying glasses, and travelling to meet the explorers at the bottom of the large pits.


Delve into the bowels of the Redoutable*, a one-of-a-kind experience in the world! A tour with audioguide to explore the biggest nuclear-powered submarine in the world that is open to visitors.

Relive the last hours of the Titanic from when it left Cherbourg on the 10th April 1912, right up until the night it sank. The original tour will take you along the corridors through 1st, 2nd and 3rd class, and even to the Captain’s quarters!

Marvel in the “Great Gallery of Men and Machines”.

You can also walk in the footsteps of the explorers of the depths! In the Entrance Hall, you’ll find 13 iconic devices used for deep-sea diving.

New exhibition 2023 : “TITANIC ARTIFACTS AND STORIES”: 43 artifacts recovered from the debris field surrounding the Titanic will be on display from March 21st.

Cherbourg  1944… Freedom came from the ocean

Learn all about the 20 days from the Landings on Utah Beach on the 6th June 1944, up until the liberation of the port of Cherbourg on the 26th June. This immersive and interactive tour presents some never-before-seen images & videos, to understand the importance of logistics at the port of Cherbourg in the liberation of Europe.  ***.

Film “20 jours pour Cherbourg” (20 days for Cherbourg): duration (20min), created in partnership with Caen Memorial.

* For safety reasons, children under the age of 5 are not permitted to visit the Redoutable.
** Individual showings, limited places available.
*** If the auditorium is not available, this film showing will not take place