La Hague has applied for the UNESCO World Geopark label

The Geopark label is awarded to an exceptional geological territory and for work in showcasing and providing activities for heritage sites (landscape, natural, built, archaeological heritage, heritage associated with legends, with expertise, with local products, etc.).

  • This area boasts recognised geological heritage, of national, and even international interest (Anse du Culeron, Baie d’Ecalgrain, Pointe de Jardeheu, Herquemoulin, etc.) 
  • This area has rich heritage that goes beyond its geology
  • This area has also been a protected land for quite some time, the quality of the landscapes are a local priority and the socio-economic sector here works hard to preserve these treasures.

The town of La Hague has applied for the UNESCO World Geopark label.

La Hague is a place that strives to pass on / share / unveil its heritage sites

Come and explore the La Hague Geopark as a couple, with family or friends! All year round, at high tide or low tide, there are tours, walks, conferences and workshops to help you discover this unique and remarkable place!

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