Set off on an exploration of Cotentin, and walk towards new horizons

Walk past panoramic views and remarkable natural sites, lose yourself in the marshland or forest, set off along the “Sentier des Douaniers” (Customs Officer’s Way) and keep your eyes peeled for new discoveries, explore the Route des Caps, head for the heights to reach the top of the cliffs, there’s so much ground to cover in exploring Cotentin. Whether you’re an experienced walker, or looking for an easy-going exploration, you’ll find something to suit you. Cycling tourists and horseback riders will also be able to use these trails that wind through the lush green vegetation.

L'Anse du Brick

In the west, the rugged coastlines are breath-taking. Heading south, you’ll pass by headlands, beaches and ports. In the east is a seafront of granite rock, dotted with ports and beaches, before arriving in the Cotentin marshland. Here, you’ll find a succession of meadows, polders and bogs, with particularly rich wildlife that can be discovered all year round, namely the “whitening” period in the winter when the marshland is flooded.

The Nez de Jobourg in La Hague, Cap Lévi in Fermanville, the forts of La Hougue in Saint Vaast La Hougue, the Baie des Veys, marking the entrance to Cotentin, the Dunes of Hatainville near Barneville-Carteret: there are countless footpaths across the wild and preserved landscapes, much to the delight of walkers here!

In Cotentin there are numerous itineraries, hiking trails and the GR 223®