Swim, sunbathe, splash around, go fishing, surfing... there's a beach for everyone here!

In Cotentin, the beach is a place for everyone. Wherever you are, there’s always a beach nearby.

In Cotentin, there’s a wide range of magnificent beaches to please people of all ages, and in complete safety! At high tide or at low tide, this is a great place for leisure activities, and there’s something for everyone!

Ball games, building sandcastles, petanque, swimming, all sorts of fishing, relaxing, watersports, the regular tides here provide so many opportunities for activities. The wind is also sure to provide even more thrills.

Do you fancy trying watersports?

You’ll be spoilt for choice. Accessible for all ages, all levels of ability and to suit all tastes, there are more than 20 watersports’ clubs along the Cotentin coastline  just waiting to provide you with a dose of adrenaline, a breath of fresh air and to take you on outings, whether you’re a beginner or more experienced.

Sea rowing, surfing, kayaking, catamaran trips, sailing dinghies, sailing, stand up paddle, wind surfing, sand yachting, kite surfing, waveski, diving and hiking through the waters. You are guaranteed to find the activity that suits you!


The beaches of Cotentin are ideal for family holidays, with a wide range of entertainment and activities on offer, in complete safety!

High tide is ideal for sports such as swimming and diving. Low tide leaves behind vast stretches of sand, perfect for beach sports. It is at these long beaches that you often find the best waves, ideal for surfing at the various surf spots along the west coast.