The "Cidreries" of Cotentin

The cider of Cotentin, a star product with its very own "PDO"

One of the most well-known artisanal specialities here is the Cotentin cider which bears the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) for “Cidre Cotentin” and can be found at all the local restaurants, in shops and directly from the producers.

The Cotentin Cider is characterised by its bitter taste from the subtle blend of apples from the orchards of Cotentin. The result is a full-bodied cider, that is dry, or even extra dry, and goes perfectly well with the local specialities of Normandy.
The local producers strive to protect their “terroir” and their know-how, to make sure they produce a top-quality product.

Some of the cider houses (cidreries) offer guided tours so visitors can find out about how this beverage is made, from the harvest to bottling. The tours always end with a tasting of cider products such as calvados, pommeau, cider and apple juice.

It is possible to come and watch cider being distilled to produce “eau de vie”, using a column still.

After its classification in October 2016 under the French Controlled Designation of Origin (AOC), the European Commission granted Cotentin cider a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) in June 2018.