Treat yourself to a delicious seafood platter

The local fishermen brave the elements to catch lobster known as the “petit bleu”, crabs and spider crabs, prawns, bar, turbot, pike-perch, etc. All freshly caught depending on the season. 



The coast of Cotentin has its own fair share of shellfish: the mussels of Barfleur, the oysters of Saint-Vaast or Utah Beach, the “bouquet” prawns of Cosqueville, and the Cotentin blue lobster, that was recently awarded for its outstanding flavour. Find them on the menus of the local restaurants, at the fishmonger’s or at the markets of Cotentin.

The Cotentin Lobster: The king of the peninsula!


The blue lobster thrives in the many rocky areas and rugged coasts of Cotentin. They are caught daily using traps and are of exceptional quality, thanks to the selection and conservation criteria set out in the Quality Charter: “Homard du Cotentin”. This fishing technique allows fishermen to capture the shellfish alive, in a more friendly way. The traps are usually left in the water for 24 hours.

In Cotentin, this fishing technique is subject to strict regulations. The boats are subject to quotas and the number of crates per boat is limited.

It is thanks to all of this that the “Homard du Cotentin” lobster fishermen have been awarded the ecolabel for “MSC sustainable fishing*”. This is a sign of exceptional quality and you can easily recognise the certified products thanks to the “MSC*Cotentin” logo.

Cherbourg Salmon


Cherbourg salmon comes from Cherbourg harbour, the only fish farm at sea in France, in freshwater that is vigourously stirred by the strongest currents in Europe. 

Thanks to this exceptional environment, this delicious, slender fish is a wonderful addition to the menus of the greatest restaurants, and is a favourite for food lovers. It is not too fatty and has a firm texture, making it particularly tasty.

Some will prefer to wait until it’s been through Le Saumonier de Cherbourg, and taste it smoked. It can be found at the fishmonger’s and on the menus of the restaurants of Cotentin.