Designed with a calendar in mind

The Phare de Gatteville is the second highest lighthouse in France and in Europe, standing at an impressive seventy-five meters high and made from eleven thousand blocks of granite. The architect who designed the lighthouse did so with a calendar in mind. This construction that was put into operation in 1834 has 365 steps, 52 windows and 12 floors, representing the number of days, weeks and months of the year. The effort to get to the top will be worth it, you’ll be rewarded with an exceptional view. 

A page from the history books: off the coast of Gatteville-le-Phare and Barfleur, during the winter of 1120, La Blanche Nef crashed into the cursed rock of Quillebœuf. The passengers aboard this boat were aristocrats from Normandy headed for England, which was Norman at the time. There were no survivors.